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Be true to yourself by Lynelle Clark

The last couple of months were the most exciting but also hurtful time I had in a very long time, although silent in the sense that I didn’t write anything my life had undergone twists and turns; each opportunity a learning curve where I discovered so much of myself, as a person. As a woman, walking this path alone, I realized my vulnerability and how people would use me, sometimes even with my permission. For a long time I lived in a very safe cocoon allowing others to think for me but since I made the bold step to stand on my own, taking responsibility for myself, I realized that my understanding of life was very much shaped by my circumstances, and the people or culture I lived in at the time. In short, I wasn’t street smart and I had to learn quickly how to fit in or be devoured.

Because of the safe haven I perceived people in black and white with little or no grace towards them. Now those unyielding glasses had fallen away and my awareness of life became more colourful; making roo…