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Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark

Anabella was standing in her dorm room, a familiar business card in her hand, her thoughts very far from the present time. Aldrich had phoned her the night after the championship to congratulate her on her three gold medal wins. He’d wanted to go over, but she hadn’t wanted him at her house. Which was a good thing, since her younger brother had come over with a few friends and seized the living room for themselves. Wild music had filled the air as they played their ‘games’, as he put it. Games he had learned from their parents, just that this time it was with his own friends. Thankfully, they left her alone as she’d made her way to her bedroom. The house reeked of sweat, beer and dirty socks by the time she walked in. She was incredibly ashamed of her parents’ house, and never allowed any of her friends to visit. Although they weren’t home, the evidence of their lifestyle was everywhere to be seen. Movies with explicit titles were strewn over the coffee tables and TV cabinet, …